Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What the Pandora Box brought!!

As we grew up, the difference between the fictitious world and real world became more and more evident. As a child and a Bollywood fan, I believed in the true love and the power of it.
I thought people change when they find affection for themselves in someone else.
I believed that some friendships remain all throughout life and they are your greatest support system and further I believed there is always someone for each one out there.

May be this is the saddest post I am writing or may be this is what happens with everyone.
Friendships - I guess they always stay but then how suddenly a guy's importance becomes more valuable than your family's or friend's worth. Who knows?
May be the only pure relation is that of a couple. How does it even matter what happens to the so called family!!

Coming to true love,..well Wake Up Sid made a crazy, lazy Sid find love and take up responsibility.
But, in reality, I guess people don't change. They have it inbuilt in their genes and are too stubborn too change even for the good. I guess when a guy tells you that they are the bad ones., they actually are!! Never doubt it and never ever seek that good part in them. B'coz in the end, good people get torn and they are not really sure why.
May be life teaches you so many things at one go that one day the heart loses it's power to acknowledge loss of people.

But when heart gets devoid of any pain, it takes in with it too many pains and losses and heartaches.
Pain can only caused if you have some hope from someone else.
Perhaps, you get to live and see how you can live with a stoic heart.
This Women's Day, I hope every women out there becomes strong enough to tackle & handle this world on their own and only enter a person's existing so called perfect life when treated with every tint of respect and love which she deserves.

Hoping world becomes a better place to live in or We just have to become Stronger, Wiser & Brazen!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Let GO..

Sometimes, it is better to let go. It will atleast save the memories.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Love Happens!!

"May be if he cared enough, he would never have left", she pondered while trying to put her broken heart to sleep. "May be she will understand someday", he sipped that coffee and took a deep breathe.

Monday, May 11, 2015

#PiKu !!

10th May 2015

Fingers on the keyboard are just waiting for the right words to complement the epic way Piku has been narrated and pictured.

Piku is the story of a daughter who is busy baby sitting her 70 yrs old Baba, Amitabh Bachchan.
From the first scene towards the end, Piku mesmerizes you on the various events and close to reality conversations, the family arguments and various discussions whose root cause is "Motion" which is sometimes also aptly referred to as "Mango Pulp" - Well it is summers indeed ! ;-)

Ofcourse, the movie is predictable. An eccentric father, a caring yet stubborn daughter and a terrific Taxi Owner (Irfan). Midway, the aptly captured culture of Delhi and Kolkata.
Well, to describe how well defined the punches were or how real the performance is not really a point to discuss.Piku, indeed has conveyed so many messages with sarcasm or as we term the witty humor.

Piku is a daughter's effort to take care of her aged father. There is a dialogue where Deepika says, " Parents cant live on their own after an age, they have to be kept alive." True indeed. Piku maintains an emotional connect to the audience because of the sensitive topic like parenting.

While Baba leaves no stone unturned to keep the life of everyone around him miserable, he is still the most lovable character. There are a few instances which have touched my heart the most specially when Baba mentions that only low IQ people get married. At first, the sentence seems hilarious. On a second thought, my brain says Mom would have definitely be agreeing with Baba. But, on the third instance when Baba explains, only Marriage with a purpose is worthy. You can't agree more with him.
Of the least I know about India, marriage becomes the circumcentre of all life activities. And, then at some point of time, marriage becomes the sole purpose of a women's life. Although the world is changing. But, deep down the concept of equalization is still alien for Indians. Now, they need a working women to share the expenses and not a meaningful life. Obviously, we can't generalize everything but for a large population, it is this scenario.

Piku's independent yet arrogant attitude reflects how inhuman can a person be while she constantly blames drivers for the accident. The best part of Sircar is that he has conveyed these thoughts with light comedy where you keep laughing. As they say, the best of messages and worst of comments are given with the pinch of sarcasm & comedy to keep the environment healthy & light. But, then the same Piku is tolerant towards each and every Motion details about her Baba.

Not to forget, Irfan Khan's stupendous comedy timing and natural acting talent. Each and every dialogue is delivered with a straight face, with sarcasm and with sheer awesomeness. The wittiness and the connect is
A movie's success is also depended on the dialogues. Juhi Chaturvedi, dialogue writer for Piku has done a spectacular job by keeping it light, close to real life conversations and importantly, close to the culture.
The Kolkata glimpses are simply adorable.

Piku, as have been said by all, is not a romantic movie. It is an effort to make today's children realise their duties towards their parents. Perhaps, Piku is a beautiful gift given by Bollywood on this Mother's day.
A must watch!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

That World of Fiction!!

And, the voice goes louder. Not even sure if it is in your ears or your head. But, the spinning sound goes on and perhaps makes you forget everything else.
In literal sense, the world goes mute and it is you and the music.
Yes, Music does that to you. It creates the void around the rest of the world and creates a world of your own.

The other day, it seemed pretty lame to walk towards home. Plugged the headphones, put on a few
favorite songs and the burden subsided eventually.
Perhaps, it is all about creating a world of your own. And, the idleness will vanish.

It is all about sidelining the clutter, noises and may be people for sometime.
Try creating a peaceful world of your own fiction. 'Coz sometimes, fiction is better than the reality.

To another year which just rushed. Yes, this one did rush a lot.
Happy New Year!! Hoping to write a little more and better. :-)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Solitude !!

Sometimes we are part of the crowd, 'coz seclusion was way too obvious !!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The silence prevailed. And she said, "Hi".
There was no voice in return except the mourning of the phone.
Nostalgia made that tear leave the eye and all she could recall was
that there was a time, this voice was loved to be heard. And. then there is this day.